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Balanced Scorecard for Evaluating KPI


The basic idea of having balanced Scorecard Rating is that complex issues need to be adressed and evaluated. Therefore the a broad overview and specific context is requried.

The Book “Balanced Scorecard” is a great ressource for gathering detailed information.
Using the Framework of Balanced Scorecard, the Vision and Strategy gathered from four clusters:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Business Process
  • Learning and Growth

The overview of “Vision and Strategy” for Balanced Scorecard.
The four Clusters “Finance, internal Business Processes, Customer and Learning and Growth” are evaluted by the Factors:

  • Objectices
  • Measures
  • Targets
  • Initiatives

Practically, the Balanced Scorecard can be seen as an integrated Projectplan or Measurementplan. In the Most basic Case, this Plan is structured in the form of “Task, Responsible, Deadline”, grouped into Milestones.

Management using the Score-Card Method is a systematic and integrated approach.

  1. Clarification and translating the company or project vision
  2. Communicate and link objectives and related measures
  3. Planning, implementation of targets and goals in order to align strategic initiatives
  4. Strategic Feedback and Corporate learning

Implementing the balanced scorecard management


In order to align these Steps and Goals into a Strategy, the big picture has to be maintained

The Grouping of Innovation Process and Operation Process is a key aspect in keeping the overview. So Measuring Performance is critical

Author: Guntram Bechtold

Guntram Bechtold lebt mit seiner Familie in Dornbirn. Gemeinsam mit Freunden und Geschäftspartnern entstehen Angebote wie die BusinessLabs, die AgentConf, die WorkerConf oder die Plattform für Digitale Initiativen. Der passionierte Läufer ist für seine Livestreams auf dem Fahrrad bekannt und gefürchtet. Guntram arbeitet bei der Vorarlberger Digitalagentur StarsMedia und hilft mit den Smart City Dornbirn Wettbewerb zu organisieren.

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